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The Cost of Text Messaging

A couple of weeks ago there was an post in a New York Times blog about the cost of text messaging that I would like to briefly recap here.

Looking for my old demo's ?

Old tanktrack demo

After letting this CMS run for a couple of months. -fine tuning scripts here & there, logo's, tweaks  -.. I'm about to finish this framework and getting my demo's online again. Checking my logs revealed that people where still looking for the old demo's -referred through linked forums- and made me realize that I've to put those up as soon as possible. So everyone looking for the old tanktrack demo click here

About this CMS

Having a nice presentation for this site was not the only purpose for this framework setup, being able to access everything -customer content. apps. etc.. 600GB / millions of files - safely wherever I am, was more important. So focus was on a good database backend.
Now I've concluded transferring everything It's time to get back to main business..  creating 3D content & continuing working on my linux project....

1st post


My mysql database powered website, a convenient way to store, search and comment my work. Still want to add a flex (flash) interface to it. There's nothing wrong with CSS but I like the simplicity of having just a flash template skin, in particular the ability to stretch a backgroung image. Seems CSS v3 will support it.



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