Looking for my old demo's ?

Old tanktrack demo

After letting this CMS run for a couple of months. -fine tuning scripts here & there, logo's, tweaks  -.. I'm about to finish this framework and getting my demo's online again. Checking my logs revealed that people where still looking for the old demo's -referred through linked forums- and made me realize that I've to put those up as soon as possible. So everyone looking for the old tanktrack demo click here

Seems that I'm still the only one who can do this, this being quite easy hard to imagine I'm the only non-keyframe animator. I did compile a tutorial, around  30 pages for creating & manipulating the treads, another 20 for animating them without keyframes + an addendum for creating all FX also without keyframes. A little to big to post on the forums as It became a small book. The whole project uses about 50 expressions, all linked to dynamics, turning the whole scene into a rig -including the landscape & light-... The new Desert-racer screenshots shows the current status, thought of adding some minor alterations & more props....

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